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Who We Are

Hey there, battery buffs and tech enthusiasts! Our little corner of the internet is found at Top Battery. It’s where the magic (and the serious talk about privacy) happens.


Love sharing your thoughts? When you leave a comment on our site, we collect the data shown in the form, and also your IP address and browser agent to fight off those pesky spammers.

Ever heard of Gravatar? If you’re using it, we send your email address (in a hashed, anonymized form) to check if you’re all set up. Their privacy policy is as cool as ours, check it out here. Once your comment is approved, your Gravatar profile pic is publicly visible right next to your comment.


Uploading images? Just a heads-up: if you’re sharing your latest adventure pics, make sure they don’t have GPS data. You know, unless you want the whole world to know exactly where you were.

Cookies (Yum, but not the edible kind)

Commenting on our site? Opt-in to save your details in cookies, so you don’t have to re-enter them next time. These cookies last a year – but sorry, they’re not chocolate chip.

Visiting our login page? We set a temporary cookie to check if your browser accepts cookies. It’s like a secret handshake – no personal data, and it vanishes when you close the browser.

Logging in? We set up cookies to save your login info and display choices. If you pick “Remember Me,” it’s like a two-week-long friendship. Log out, and we say goodbye to those cookies.

Editing or publishing an article? We save an additional cookie in your browser with no personal data, just the ID of the article you edited. It’s like leaving breadcrumbs, but they disappear after a day.

Embedded Content

Our articles might include embedded stuff (like videos, images, and articles). It’s like we borrowed it from another website, and it acts just the same as if you visited their site. They might track you, use cookies, or have their own secret agents watching if you interact with their content.

Sharing Your Data

Resetting your password? We include your IP address in the reset email to keep things secure.

Holding Onto Your Data

Comments you leave stay indefinitely – it’s our way of recognizing you and avoiding comment purgatory. Registered on our site? We store the personal info you provide in your profile. You can see, change, or delete it anytime (username changes not allowed – choose wisely).

Your Data Rights

Got an account or left comments? You can ask for an exported file of your data we’ve got, or say “erase it all” – we’ll do it, no questions asked. This excludes data we gotta keep for legal, admin, or security reasons.

Where Your Data Travels

Your comments might take a detour through an automated spam detection service. It’s like a checkpoint to ensure everyone plays nice.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Just a heads up: Some links on our site might be affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, we might earn a commission at no extra cost to you. It’s one of the ways we keep the lights on here. Rest assured, our reviews and recommendations are always honest and geared towards helping you make the best choice for your battery needs.

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